Friday, June 29, 2012

Visit of the castle of Compiegne (France)

On the 14th of June the comenius club visited the castle of Compiegne because the pupils did a movie about the relations between Austria and Picardie.

The entry of the castel : The grand staircase of Apollon

The ballroom

The library
The bedroom of the emperor Napoleon I Napoleon and his second wife Marie-Louise are moving in this Castle in 1810. Marie-Louise was austrian.

The breach in the wood called “TrouĂ©e des Beaux-Monts” According to the legend Napoleon let it do in one night because his young austrian wife was so sad to have left the castle of Schonbrunn. So the garden looks like the garden of Vienna.

 Now you can see the movie of the pupils on the blog : Video

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pictures from students and teachers of Ludwig-Erhard-School in Neuwied from our fantastic visit in Austria!

The Alps near Bregenz in Austria

Flags of europe, austria and the city of Dornbirn

 The Bundesgymnasium at Dornbirn: our Partnerschool

 Dornbirn market place/city center

Dornbirn: The red house, dating back to the middle ages

European students working together

 Julia discovering cultural heritage wearing a typical "Juppe"

Our students from the LES on an alpine trip

The stage of the Bregenz Festival on the shore of the Bodensee

French Comics from Ludwig-Erhard-Schule in Neuwied, Germany.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Austrian cultural Heritage (French point of view)

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